A Peaceful Glow

A Peaceful Glow

In this fast paced world we are in a daily race.  Always wanting to get ahead of others to battle for survival. Chaotic I would say.

If we keep on competing to survive, there will come a time when we will lose our energy and drive and instead of winning, we end up losing.  It is vital that we slow down, re-energize and regain strength to be able to face tougher challenges ahead. We need to find that peace.

Seen through the naked eye, peacefulness is being alone, quiet and contemplate on everything about your life.  However, a deeper meaning of peace is when you have that sense of inner calm regardless of what is happening around you.

Others find it hard to have that peacefulness inside them.  I believe it is all a matter of mindset. If you do not let yourself be affected by everything that is happening, you will achieve peace.  It does not mean that you care less or you are passive about your environment. Moreso, it shows your level of maturity. Instead of being reactive, be proactive.  Have the faith and confidence that no matter how hard things may seem, at the end of the day, it will all end up doing you good.

When something unfortunate happens, do not meet it head on.  Embrace it and seek the wisdom on why it had to happen and acceptance will follow.  Once you have learned to accept, you can think better and find a solution. After all these, having peace would not be far behind.

Seek that peace.  It really feels good and will give you that inner glow.


Amos Balongo

Amos Balongo is an international leadership and motivational speaker and coach. A John Maxwell certified team member, Amos believes that everything rises and falls on leadership.