Black or White

Black or white

In life, we are given an infinite amount of opportunities to make a decision.  From the time we wake up to the time we call it a day, we are unaware that we have made tons of decisions along the way.

Every day, it is a personal decision for me to be happy.  Enjoy life and be grateful for what will come my way. Decisions as we make them become part of our life story.  The decisions we make influence our present and the decisions we make in the present echo into the future. It is like a domino effect.  That is why it is very crucial to make the right choices in life.

It is easier to make a decision if it is simply between what is right and wrong.  Sometimes it is very obvious and people would definitely opt for the greater good.  However, the hardest part in decision-making is when the choice you make will have a huge effect on the lives of the people around you.  This is the time when even fear starts to set in. It is no longer the “I” that is involved but “we” and the “us.”

I have made a lot of decisions in my life that have affected the people around me.  It is not easy. What kept me on the right path was when I chose to put myself secondary and made the people around me the priority.  I put others before me. From the time I made this commitment, things started to fall into place.

When we make a decision it is saying yes to one thing and no to another.  Remember, any decision we make, we usher in an important change to the world and that change will shape our future.



Amos Balongo

Amos Balongo is an international leadership and motivational speaker and coach. A John Maxwell certified team member, Amos believes that everything rises and falls on leadership.