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Episode 10_ Embrace Change to Grow

Embrace Change to Grow

We always hear that the only thing constant in this world is change.  One of the changes we all have...
Episode 9_ I Make Time

I Make Time

When leaders climb up the corporate ladder, one of the things they say they lose is “time.” It seems to...
Episode 8_ Mind in Action (1)

Your Mind in Action

Have you wondered why amongst all the organs in our body, the brain was put on top?  Some people even...
Episode 7_ Pass the Message

Pass the Message

As we age, one of the senses that is most affected is our sense of sight.  We develop a hard...
Episode 6_ Are You Hot or Cold_

Are you HOT or COLD?

Have you ever played darts?  Growing up, this was one of the games my friends and I frequently played.  I...
Episode 5_ It is Not Accidental

It is Not Accidental

We have to admit that we are all taken aback with what is happening now.  No one could have imagined...
Episode 4_ The Act of Leadership

The Act of Leadership

Where do you find leaders? Every so often, we think leaders are hard to find because we equate leadership to...
Episode 3_ Crisis Defines Leadership

Crisis Defines Leadership

One of the biggest and unprecedented crises that this planet has witnessed is the Coronavirus pandemic.  The world was put...
Episode 2_ Journey to Your Dreams

Journey To Your Dreams

A few weeks ago I was engaged in a conversation with a very good  friend. We exchanged personal stories about...
Episode 1_ Four Pillars

Reinforcing Your Leadership Skills

Any structure will not stand if it does not have a strong foundation.   The foundation holds the structure and...

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