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When the tides take a turn

When The Tides Take A Turn

The other day I was so excited because the package I ordered online finally arrived.  It was a pair of...
My Happy Place

My Happy Place

Have you asked yourself why you are doing what you are doing now?  If you are a priest, why are...
I'm Okay, Are you Okay_

I’m Okay, Are you Okay?

“Are you content with your life?”  It is best to ask ourselves this question once in a while.  It is...
Let's have a good laugh

Let Us Have a Good Laugh

Apart from loving, the second best thing this world can offer is laughter.  As they always say, laughter is the...
A Rare Gem

A Rare Gem

One of the most important things I value in this world is “trust.”  It is something that we all put...
let others take charge

Let Others Take Charge

An old friend visited me last month and that was one meet up I was looking forward to because we...
Leaders Make the Toughest Choices

Leaders Make the Toughest Choices

During a recent speaking engagement I asked the audience for a show of hands, who wants to be a leader?...
All Starts With Giving

All Starts With Giving

Most people would say that if you want to be respected, you have to earn it.  Yes, it is true....
A Peaceful Glow

A Peaceful Glow

In this fast paced world we are in a daily race.  Always wanting to get ahead of others to battle...
Seeing the beauty of Life

Seeing the Beauty of Life

I was chatting with a friend the other day, and she was telling me how she spent her holidays.  I...

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