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Team that Works

It is the TEAM that WORKS

I have travelled to so many countries in the world, but the one place that really touched my heart is...
People's Growth

Your People’s Growth is Your Company’s Growth

A company is only as good as the people who work there. For your company to be outstanding, you need...
Are You Wealthy_

Are You Wealthy?

If somebody asks you “Are You Wealthy” what will you say? Throw me that question and without a blink of...
The Yes or NO

The Yes or No and Black or White

In one of my “me times,” a time wherein I get to just ponder on different things and think of...
Courage to Make That Change

The Courage to Make That Change

Everyone desires change. We aim for change to have a better life, a better job and even better relationships. Some...
speaking learnable skill

Speaking Is A Learnable Skill

I have been doing  motivational and inspirational speaking for so many years.  Over time, I have witnessed how people embraced...
Not all jokes are funny

Not All Jokes Are Funny

I love working with children. I support a lot of causes that promotes children's welfare and their well-being.  I firmly...
Power to Speak

Unleash Your Power to Speak

As a trainer, coach and mentor, I have had the opportunity to see presentations by many people from all backgrounds...
Breaking Free

Breaking Free

There are a lot of reasons why people feel timid about themselves. For some it might be the fact that...
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