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Not all jokes are funny

Not All Jokes Are Funny

I love working with children. I support a lot of causes that promotes children's welfare and their well-being.  I firmly...
Power to Speak

Unleash Your Power to Speak

As a trainer, coach and mentor, I have had the opportunity to see presentations by many people from all backgrounds...
Breaking Free

Breaking Free

There are a lot of reasons why people feel timid about themselves. For some it might be the fact that...
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It Is Important To Become Good At Speaking

All through the history of human civilization, people have expressed their confidence and strength, not only by force but also...

Journeys of Inspiration – Character

Journeys of Inspiration - Character By Amos Balongo Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership Are you Prepared? Lets get Started John...

Amos Balongo Inc In Hawaii Provides Top Rated Executive Leadership Coaching Programs

Amos Balongo, Inc offers a menu of leadership training and presentations for individuals, corporate events and focus sessions. The presentations...

Habits of a Successful Leader

Through the years, there have been so many attempts to analyze leaders to discover their secrets. This is so that...

Learn About Available Hawaii Executive Leadership Coaching

If your career goals include becoming a member of management, then you may want to take courses to help you...

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