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Be Like the Flowers

Be Like the Flowers

One of the biggest compliments a woman can ever get is when people say you are “blooming.”  It means you...
Let Us Open Your Gift(1)

Let us Open Your Gift

When we speak of a coach, it is normally equated in the context of sports.  A group of individuals who...
The Magic Inside You

The Magic Inside You

Each and every one of us has people in our lives that we admire.  Showbiz personalities, athletes and even politicians....
Everyday is a New Beginning

Everyday is a New Beginning

Every journey is a fresh start.  From childhood to adulthood, we all celebrate many beginnings.  Your first day in school,...
Where My Choices Lead Me

Where My Choices Lead Me

Growing up, one of the more popular phrases I often heard was “when it rains, it pours.”  When lady luck...
I Make the Change

I Make the Change

I am a traveler. I love going to different places and exploring.  It is through traveling that I gain knowledge....
Coming from the heart

It is Coming From the Heart

Some find it funny when they see people cry over a book they are reading or a tv or movie...
It is Easy to be Happy

I Choose to Be Happy

Just recently, the world, especially women, woke up to the shocking news that a famous designer was found dead in...
When will this stop

When will this stop?

Last May 18, America witnessed mass shootings at a Southeast Texas school that left 10 dead and 10 hurt.  A...
learn to count your blessings

Learn to Count Your Blessings

I recently had a trip to one of the most majestic places I have seen — Palawan.  It’s been a...

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