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It All Starts With Today

It All Starts with Today

I have been very vocal about my goal and vision for our youth of today.  I want to empower them...
When You Dream, Dream Big

When You Dream, Dream Big!

We are all dreamers.  From childhood to adulthood, we never stop dreaming.  As we grow older, so do our dreams....
Team that Works

It is the TEAM that WORKS

I have travelled to so many countries in the world, but the one place that really touched my heart is...
People's Growth

Your People’s Growth is Your Company’s Growth

A company is only as good as the people who work there. For your company to be outstanding, you need...
Are You Wealthy_

Are You Wealthy?

If somebody asks you “Are You Wealthy” what will you say? Throw me that question and without a blink of...
The Yes or NO

The Yes or No and Black or White

In one of my “me times,” a time wherein I get to just ponder on different things and think of...
Courage to Make That Change

The Courage to Make That Change

Everyone desires change. We aim for change to have a better life, a better job and even better relationships. Some...
speaking learnable skill

Speaking Is A Learnable Skill

I have been doing  motivational and inspirational speaking for so many years.  Over time, I have witnessed how people embraced...
Not all jokes are funny

Not All Jokes Are Funny

I love working with children. I support a lot of causes that promotes children's welfare and their well-being.  I firmly...
Power to Speak

Unleash Your Power to Speak

As a trainer, coach and mentor, I have had the opportunity to see presentations by many people from all backgrounds...

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