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Garden of Hope

Sowing the seeds of Unity in Today’s Youth

 Presented by International Youth Leadership Expert  Amos Balongo

​Global Citizenship Starts with Today's Youth

Now more than ever, we see the need for global citizenship, connection and social renewal. The world is begging for a solution to its problems, and the only real way to resolve global issues is to come together. Fortunately, humans have the capacity to acknowledge their differences and grow beyond what sets us apart. By globalizing our perspective, we collectively enhance the values that affect how we:

  • Ensure gender equality
  • Attain global peace
  • Accept Religious differences
  • Care for the environment

The key is engaging our youth. Whether you work to empower youth who are at risk, dealing with addiction, obesity or violence or you are guiding kids toward environmental stewardship, better education and more, if you play a role in impacting the lives of the next generation, this webinar is for you.

What You'll Learn in this FREE Webinar

During my Garden of Hope webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The basics of global citizenship and the "global village," and why these are important for today's youth
  • How to cultivate a global community starting with your young people and community
  • How to use storytelling to empower youth to learn about shared world values and cultures and how to find common ground

The power of story is incalculable. You’ll see how I use storytelling as the primary means for connecting youth throughout the world, and get the tools you need to harness this power and more effectively impact those you serve.

Why global citizenship?

Today’s youth are more connected with their peers around the world than ever before. Yet, a decrease in societal values and an increase in social media addiction, are isolating these young folks from the real issues of the world. What’s worse, they are feeling less and less empowered to make a change. Their differences and distractions are pulling them apart at a core level, and the hope for unified change is deeply threatened.

Global citizenship—coming together for the common good—is the antidote. The global citizen is someone who can:

  • Travel, communicate and socialize across boarders
  • Conduct business internationally
  • Build upon culture norms to create a global village

Why youth leaders?

As you a youth leader, you know the challenges your kids face. You understand the obstacles stopping them from finding common ground, as well as what’s at stake if they fail to accurately observe the world around them and see the opportunity they uniquely hold to enhance it. But perhaps you feel like you lack the tools to shift their story. That’s why I created this webinar. I want to help you:

  • Understand and address the conflicts facing your youth—albeit religious differences, the inability to identify on the level of ethnic background, or the barriers that keep youth from feeling rooted in moral foundations and values
  • Feel confident developing, implementing and measuring the success of your programs
  • Teach youth how to use technology as a connector versus a detractor that disengages

You are already shifting the trajectory of where our youth are going. Join me on to make your impact even greater.

Meet Amos Balongo

Amos Balongo is a dynamic speaker, coach and storyteller who has been working with youth and youth leaders for more than 18 years. A native of Kenya, he has spoken in 17 countries and 32 cities around the world.

Amos came to the United States with $500, a suitcase and the determination to live the American Dream. Although he left behind his home and the stories of his grandmother and village elders, he later returned to form Camp Ohana Foundation—a nonprofit organization working with underprivileged children in the villages from which he came. Since 2008, Camp Ohana Foundation has brought clean water to the village, built the first children’s library in Kenya and developed several programs to help children thrive as global citizens.

"Amos may possibly be one of the most fascinating people I have ever met. His life is full of interesting stories of growing up in Kenya and traveling across the pond to follow his dream of connecting people of various cultures with his message of love and respect."

Stephanie Arne
TV Show Host - Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom

Before becoming an international speaker and child advocate, Amos was a camp counselor. Since his early beginnings, he has served as deputy director of the International YMCA and was a member of the both the YMCA Commission and the World Leisure Commission at the United Nations, and the American Camping Association. He also served on the board of directors for the World Leisure Organization.

Amos is currently a youth development consultant with the U.S. Department of Defense, and continues to chair the Camp Ohana Foundation.

To have Amos speak at your next event,
contact him at +1 (808) 725-3510.

What People Are Saying About Amos

We were fortunate to meet Amos who spoke at an official US government function we attended in San Diego. Amos engaged the audience and connected with us in a very special way. His elegant, graceful and modest speaking style makes him one of the most captivating speakers of our time.

“Thank you Mr Balongo for your thoughtful lessons, our students learnt so much from you”

Admiral and Mrs Mullen,
Chairman United States Joint Chiefs of Staff, 2007-2011

Amos speaks with ease, passion and connects with people of all ages. He presents his story and works in a compelling and effortless way that leaves you awestruck by what the future holds.

Listening to him, takes you on a life long journey to question the purpose of your life. Where this has fallen short, he engages you to unfold a multitude of opportunities that can impact the lives of many in a world where the need is high. He is a living reminder of compassion and a testimony to human kindness.

Edwin Sabuhoro 
Nominee CNN Heroes 2015

I had the opportunity to hear Amos speak at the Perak International Ecotourism Symposium in Malaysia.

He is a dynamic and mesmerizing speaker who connects with his audience and inspires them in a very powerful and meaningful manner.

Marilyn Mosley Gordanier
President, Global 500 Environmental Program

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