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New Motivate and Inspire

I have a question for you.  If you were to be given one chance to make a difference in people’s lives, how would you leave your mark?  Do you want to inspire them or you would rather motivate them?

To inspire and motivate may seem the same, however they are both very different.  To motivate people is to elicit behavior change. There may be employees who have lost their drive to work competently and to excel.  A motivational speaker can help revive the passion and flare for their jobs.

On one hand, to inspire people means providing a reference of excellence that will encourage people to be better.  An inspirational speaker may cite an incredible life story that has a touching message that people can relate to. That story is the medium to connect with the audience and create an intense level of emotional attachment.   

What am I?  I am a speaker who motivates and inspires.  I am an inspirational and motivational speaker.

I  motivate my audience because I want to inspire them to discover their inner strengths and help them reach their full potential My story is my message.  Whenever I share my story to my audience, I open their eyes and hearts to the realities of life. Life struggles are real, and they will always be there whether we like it or not.  My story is a living testimony that anything is possible to the one who has the passion and drive. I motivate people and inspire them to make that change. Inspiration without behavior change is simply a narrow approach.  

Inspiration is a call to action.  Motivation leads you to the action.  Motivation without inspiration is like eating half a sandwich.  It may be okay but it is not filling.



Amos Balongo

Amos Balongo is an international leadership and motivational speaker and coach. A John Maxwell certified team member, Amos believes that everything rises and falls on leadership.