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Episode 3_ Crisis Defines Leadership

Crisis Defines Leadership

One of the biggest and unprecedented crises that this planet has witnessed is the Coronavirus pandemic.  The world was put...
Episode 2_ Journey to Your Dreams

Journey To Your Dreams

A few weeks ago I was engaged in a conversation with a very good  friend. We exchanged personal stories about...
Episode 1_ Four Pillars

Reinforcing Your Leadership Skills

Any structure will not stand if it does not have a strong foundation.   The foundation holds the structure and...
The Waiting Game

The Waiting Game

It is a brand new year.  The perfect time to map out our life’s plans and vision for the new...
Faith ends trust begins

Faith Ends, Trust Begins

When we hear the word faith, we always equate it with religion. Faith is often associated with God, a person’s...
Watch Out for the Cliff

Watch Out For The Cliff

Do you recall a time when you had to beat all odds just to achieve your goals in life? Storming...
Journeys of conversation

Journeys of Conversation

If there is one thing that I cannot do in a day, that is “not” to engage in a conversation. ...
My Weakness Is My Strength

My Weakness is My Strength

Tug of war is one of the most famous classic games.  It is a game of strength and whichever is...
Hard.... But Possible

Hard…. BUT Possible

What is the most wonderful thing we can receive but often times, the hardest to give?  I would say LOVE....
Nothing Can Stop You

Nothing Can Stop You

Many people fear the word “service” because it is not merely an action but goes beyond it.  It involves compassion,...

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